Monday, October 10, 2016

Karl Lagerfeld Ambassadors of Canada

We're KARL's Girls! Our favourite Karlism is "I'M VERY MUCH DOWN TO EARTH, JUST NOT ON THIS EARTH."- KARL LAGERFELD We are obsessed with everything he makes from leather Karl leather jackets, travel patches on bags, faux fur handbags, Choupette hangtags and knitted hats. There is a real vibe of world traveller combined with bad girl chic, a Parisian attitude and lots of Choupette quirkiness! MEOW! During Paris fashion week, we saw the new classic bag of his KARL signature in script placed along the front flaps of bags. Our favourite pieces that we cannot live without are his studded leather jackets and fingerless leather gloves. We wear them all year and the gloves are the best for texting and emailing. We are honoured to be the Karl Lagerfeld Ambassadors of Canada and excited to be part of the Lagerfeld family:) #TeamKarl 

 photo karllagerfeld-sambeckerman-caillibeckerman-beckermangirls-toronto-canada_zpsjwfl6xkk.jpg  photo teamkarl-beckermanblog-sisters-karl-lagerfeld-fashionbloggers_zps8bayzjch.jpg  photo beckermans-karl-lagerfeld-leatherjacket-canada-fashion_zps7z6gx6kq.jpg  photo karlfauxfurjacket-karllagerfeldambassadors-canada-teamkarl-beckermans_zpszzxkfenx.jpg  photo karlbag-sisters-karllagerfeld-teamkarl-ambassadors_zpseqm5atmf.jpg Pin It Now!

Monday, September 19, 2016

L'Agent by AP x BeckermanBlog

We had the most awesome time checking out the new L'Agent by Agent Provocateur store at Square One mall in Holt Renfrew. We were so excited to see the new store! It's so beautiful and fully stocked with bras, knickers, kimonos, sleepwear, eye masks and more. When we walked in, both of our mouth's dropped at the huge selection of colorful lingerie and how sexy and beautifully made everything is. We needed to try on everything! First we got fitted and then we fell in love with um....everything! Every time we visit Montreal or L.A, we always visit a L'Agent by Agent Provocateur store and pick up some bras and panties because we are obsessed! Now, we can get it here because this is the first store in Ontario. L'Agent is the sister line of Agent Provocateur. It's co-designed by two of our favourite sisters... Penelope and Monica Cruz. These sisters know what sexy is. The creative director is the awesome Sarah Shotton from the UK. We jumped in to the fitting room and had so much fun trying everything on because the sales assistants were so helpful and sweet. One of our to die for pieces is the Reia wired body suit. It looks fantastic as a bodysuit with jeans to wear out or under a dress. It's the sexiest playsuit ever as well as the navy/silver halter non wired bodysuit called the Siena. The silk blue Carolena and French knickers pajamas in midnight are incredibly soft....never taking those! We paired it with the Penelope bra which gives the most amazing cleavage. Some of the other bras we fell in love with are Odessa, Kaity, Gianna, and Vanesa. We are wearing them in the pictures below. For Panties we always love thongs, but the Vanesa mini brief in the Peacock color looks amazing poking out of some super short denim cutoffs. We also love rocking kimono's as day wear or for breakfast. Let's get real... these kimonos are so sexy to do housework in! The black silk Jada short gown and the sheer Idalia tulle (pictured hanging) and lace trim gown are two of our favourites. We can't get enough L'Agent by Agent Provocateur and we are completely head over heals with the new store in Holt Renfrew at Square One Shopping Center in Ontario. Our lingerie game is definitely turnt up! 

 photo squareonestore-lagentbras-lagentbyagentprovocateur_zpsvw54lemf.jpg  photo fall2016lagentbyagentprovocateurstore_zpsym7msdoe.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-bloggers-squareone-holtrenfrew-lagentbyagentprovocateurstore_zps1ex7zqfz.jpg  photo sexycorset-lagetnbyagentprovateur-beckermans-sisters-twins-bloggers_zps6kilhrpi.jpg  photo colorfulbras-lingerie-lagentbyagentprovocateur-squareone-missasauga_zpsxxwxgosc.jpg  photo holtrenfrewsquareone-lagentprovocateurstore-beckermansisters_zpsgxquuh4n.jpg  photo gianna-beckermanblog-sisters-lagentbyagentprovateur-girls-beckermanblog-bloggers_zpsx0u0mame.jpg  photo lagentbyagentprovocateur-corset-beckermans_zpsifmrc9pf.jpg  photo reiawiredbodysuit-beckermans-beckermanblog-sisters-lagentbyagentprovocateur_zpsbe5xdosb.jpg  photo idaliashortgown-agentprovocateur-beckermanblog-lagent_zpsukhpgk29.jpg  photo carolena-silkpjamas-penelopebalconybra-lagentbyagentprovocateur-beckermanblog_zps2bquwnbx.jpg  photo kaitybra-beckermans-beckermanblog-sisters-florals-lagentbyagentprovacateur-squareonestore_zpsz6ihqshk.jpg  photo jadashortgown-reiabodysuit-carolenapjamas-penelopebra-cailliandsambeckerman-bloggers-twins-lagentbyagentprovocateur-beckerma_zpsg0wc3rms.jpg  photo vanesaminibriefinpeacock-lagentbyagentprovocateur-beckermans--beckermanblog_zpstqhmawmk.jpg  photo gianabra-lacebra-lagentbyagentprovocateur-beckermans_zpspbwtapin.jpg  photo vanesabra-lagentbyagentprovocateurbra-_zpsxxrohftu.jpg Pin It Now!

Friday, September 2, 2016

SoftMoc Converse DIY Collaboration!

We love DIY'ing! Drawing, painting, crafting and customizing accessories is the best way to make any outfit stand out and be super fabulous! We are always running around town in our Converse and we are obsessed with the Chuck II Viz Flow in black and white from SoftMoc. When DIY'ing, the white Converse we used fabric markers and doodle'd all over them with pastel stripes and then used a permanent black marker to put geometric shapes and dots all over them. Now these shoes are ready for a night of dancing! The black Converse have diy-ed hand painted eyes all over them!  To do this, make sure to use acrylic paints and grab a fine paint brush to start painting round circles for the eyes. Start with a white paint and then use a yellow on top. This will make the yellow color pop on the  black shoes. Grab a permanent black marker to draw in the eyes and looks like scared cats or goblins in the dark!  These shoes were such a blast to make and we can't wait to customize more! Check Out SoftMoc's Huge Selection Of Converse!
 photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-finishedpic_zpsek3qgczt.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-supplies-pic1_zpslzlluynh.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-CailliShoes-diy-1_zpsqttz5dnr.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-CailliShoes-diy-2_zpsxnfslymv.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-CailliShoes-diy-3_zpshxu7laci.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-CailliShoes-streetstyle_zps1brgur6x.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-SamShoes-diy-1_zpssnljfagb.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-SamShoes-diy-2_zpsxxfwbwix.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-SamShoes-streetstyle_zpsdjxckmkq.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-SamShoes-diy-4_zps4hfpwhj1.jpg Pin It Now!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Panda's and Puma's

 photo NicoPanda-beckermanblog-chanelbag-Puma Fierce Gold-1_zps42vemr0p.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelbag-Puma Fierce Gold-Cailli Beckerman-4_zpsjcwz7glb.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelbag-Puma Fierce Gold-Cailli Beckerman-6_zpsqfye6q37.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelbag-Puma Fierce Gold-Cailli Beckerman-5_zpsuu7alh99.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelbag-Puma Fierce Gold-Cailli Beckerman_zpsozayyftb.jpg  photo beckermanblog-chanelbag-Puma Fierce Gold-2_zpsjsxilxy2.jpg

The Look: Panda's and Puma's

Top- NICOPANDA Longsleeve
Netted body suit- Isabel Marant
Glasses- Vintage Ambervision sunnies
Shoes- Puma Fierce (Black/Gold)

Fun Fact: Two of my favourite things... Panda's and Puma's! I Looooove the line NICOPANDA, designed by our friend Nicola Formichetti. I threw a mesh body suit underneath this long sleeve, to wear it as a dress. I paired it with my fav Puma's Fierces.... The Gold is for all the Gold medals Canada won in Rio! Woot Woot! Believe it or not, these sunglasses were actually my grandfathers. After he passed away, I had to clean out his closets and I found these sunglasses and kept them. They are super 70's and I love wearing them because they remind me of him.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Sam- Braids + Leather

 photo sambeckerman-disneyxcoach-hmblouse-streetstyle-beckermanblog-coachleatherjacket_zpswjmmc5vd.jpg  photo disneycoachleatherjacket-studdedmickeyjacket-coach-beckermansxcoach-sisters-blog_zpscyuwejzw.jpg  photo disneyxcoachleatherjacketchiaraferragnichoker-hmblouse-streetstyle-toronto_zpsonehtexj.jpg  photo FullSizeRender 1_zpsizg9cahk.jpg  photo constructionzone-beckermans-sisters-sambeckerman-bloggers-canada_zpsz7rnh2zt.jpg  photo pedrogarciashoes-suede-allybag-beckermans_zpsg4m8ofp2.jpg  photo lfshorts-sambeckerman-levisvintageshorts-beckerman-samanthabeckerman-sambeckerman-streetstyle-fashion-coach_zpsakdiobza.jpg  photo sambeckerman-samanthabeckerman-twins-sisters-beckermanblog_zpsijiawzqp.jpg

Jacket- Disney x Coach Mickey leather jacket 
Shorts- Vintage Levi's (similar here)
Necklace- Chiara Ferragni's choker 
Blouse- H&M (similar here)
Bag- Ally
Shoes- Pedro Garcia
Lipstick- Kylie Cosmetics (color Posie K)

The Look: Braids + Leather

Fun Fact: I'm so into braids this summer in my hair and have been trying all sorts but these "fish tails" are the easiest and fastest to do especially on a busy day. The big summer trend this summer is cut off shorts with blouses, pretty chokers and kicks to run around in.  The ripped jean shorts are very grunge,  the blouse is a girly touch while the choker is badass like Drew Barrymore in the 90's. I'm lovin' the purple suede color of these Pedro Garcia suede runners with the thick laces and white soles. My Mickey Coach jacket is my all time favourite leather jacket hands down.... the studded Mickey on the back is everything and I'm obsessed how it's painted red and white. I took the yellow Mickey shoe charm (from my Coach shoe) and added it to the zipper pull.  I can't wait to bring it to Disneyland on my next visit:)

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Coach Pre Fall!

 photo Cailli and Sam Beckerman- CoachPreFall2016-BeckermanBlog-1_zps43117xxd.jpg  photo Cailli and Sam Beckerman- CoachPreFall2016-BeckermanBlog-6_zpsrwfcqzzj.jpg  photo Cailli and Sam Beckerman- CoachPreFall2016-BeckermanBlog-3_zpsnjcqnlvm.jpg  photo Cailli and Sam Beckerman- CoachPreFall2016-BeckermanBlog-2_zpsde5b1cue.jpg  photo Cailli and Sam Beckerman- CoachPreFall2016-BeckermanBlog-4_zpsi9efqhum.jpg  photo Cailli and Sam Beckerman- CoachPreFall2016-BeckermanBlog-5_zpsdbk80q7e.jpg

The Look: Coach Pre Fall!

Fun Fact: Western blouses and Giant Dinosaurs charms! WOWZA! This Coach Pre Fall Collection blows our mind! We love the leather Dinosaur bombers, the rainbow shearling vests and the incredible new bags!

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