Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sam- Army + Pearls

 photo sambeckerman-gvgv-vfiles-beckermangirls_zpsajvu5ctv.jpg  photo jennybird-jewelry-chanelpearlearring-narsmakeup_zpscebffbqg.jpg  photo samanthabeckerman-moschinobag-fresh-yeezy-sisters-canada-twinbloggers_zpsabm13bgq.jpg  photo samantha-beckerman-beckermanblog-numberonebloggersincanada-sisters-twins_zpslxbist0r.jpg  photo sambeckerman-yeezy-sisters-canada-bloggers_zpshyezty41.jpg  photo moschinobag-freshmoschino-beckermansisters-beckermans-toronto_zpsgoaox8iz.jpg  photo jennybird-pearlchoker-hm-fashionbloggers_zpsjpuggzpa.jpg  photo chanelmakeup-gvgv-armyjacket-laceup-toronto_zpsgwiurgzb.jpg  photo yeezy950-sssnese-beckermanblog-sisters-streetstyle_zpstdfnvmxb.jpg  photo yeezyseason1-yeezy-950-blackboots-canada_zpsg1dz2sd2.jpg

Jacket- GVGV Army Lace Up Coat
Skirt- H&M
Top- H&M
Earring (gold)- Jenny Bird Slant Ear Cuff
Necklace- Jenny Bird Lyons Choker
Pearl earring- CHANEL
Belt- Vintage chain and hoops belt
Bag- Moschino Fresh Backpack
Boots- Yeezy First Season 950's

The Look: Army + Pearls

Fun Fact: I seriously stalked this Army jacket! I tried it on at VFILES in NY and waited for the pre- Black Friday sale to start and got it....and it just arrived! I'm obsessed with GVGV, a Japanese brand that is soooo hard to find and they make the meanest Army jackets that are reversible. The lacing up the back with the velvet ribbon has such a 90's vibe. These Yeezy boots are from Kanye's first season, and they are the bessst winter boots of the season! The best thing is that they have a hidden platform (like the Isabel Marant sneakers), are comfy and are perfect for our Canadian winters. Our friend Jenny Bird from Toronto has the most incredible jewelry Collection. She is so super talented and we saw her the other night at a party rockin' this Ear Cuff and we screamed! We told her how we are all about ear cuffs and pearls and she told us that she just dreamed up this pearl choker, that I'm wearing. I couldn't be anymore obsessed with it cause it's grungy and girly all at the same time! Moschino Moschino Moschino....funky freshness at its bessssst. My new favorite backpack is this fresh bag that we can not stop fresh and so clean clean.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Cailli- Cosmic Wonder + Marques Almeida

 photo caillibeckerman-toronto-marquesalmeida-toronto-beckermanblog-3_zpsgd5jqcqc.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-toronto-marquesalmeida-toronto-beckermanblog-2_zpsi8qvksoo.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-toronto-marquesalmeida-toronto-beckermanblog-4_zps37qweaoh.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-toronto-marquesalmeida-toronto-beckermanblog-6_zpsh6wy7hd3.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-toronto-marquesalmeida-beckermanblog-9_zpsveuscbtn.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-toronto-marquesalmeida-toronto-beckermanblog-5_zps3puaytsq.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-toronto-marquesalmeida-toronto-beckermanblog-1_zpsmpp2jf3n.jpg

Wearing: All Marques Almeida

The Look: Cosmic Wonderland + Marques Almeida

Fun Fact: Our good friends Marta and Paulo from Marques Almeida are one of the most talented designers! We love them to the moon and back and they create the cooooooolest most gorgeous clothes ever. I'm wearing HTT (head to toe) Marques Almeida today and the boots to the denim jackets to every little detail in this brocade dress is brilliant! We were at their show in London when we saw this Fall 2015 and fell in love with every single piece! Get this look:

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sam- Pins + Plaid

 photo toronto-beckermansisters-beckermangirls-coachshearlingboots-pinjacket-flowers-streetstyle_zpsfzxt3lyt.jpg  photo sambeckerman-gatrimon-poppylissiman-coach_zpsf6iw6bx4.jpg  photo lovebag-poppylissiman-blondehair-blogger-fashion_zps5navbfur.jpg  photo sambeckerman-plaiddress-gatrimon-narsmakeup_zpsjxmiyaf7.jpg  photo bonheur_bodychain-jewelry-beckermans-sisters-canada-fashion-streetstyle_zpsscv0tapg.jpg  photo coachboots-coachpinjacket-samanthabeckerman-beckermangirls_zpsa5nvzqe7.jpg  photo plaiddress-shearlingboots-samanthabeckerman-beckermantwins-coach_zpso5koraqr.jpg  photo poppylissiman-lovebag-applewatch-blackchrome-beckermans-beckerman-canada-fashion_zpsqd70k2la.jpg  photo torontobotanicalgardens-beckermanblog-coachpinjacket-leatherjacket-fall_zps8jddcrtv.jpg

Jacket- Coach Embellished Racer Jacket
Dress- Gat Rimon plaid dress
Boots- Coach Zip Moto Boots
Bag- Poppy Lissiman Peace Love Clutch
Bandanna- Poppy Lissiman Cosmic Bandanna
Black Faux Fur Key Fob- Poppy Lissiman Pom Pom
Body Chain- Bonheur Gold Loren Body Chain

The Look: Pins + Plaid

Fun Fact: Pins Pins Pins on leather! This is my favvvvvourite Coach jacket ever! These custom made pins are so phenomenal. My favorite ones are the silver zipper bananas, horses, and the emoticons. It's sooo badass and I haven't taken it off for two weeks. Cailli has one too, and we actually fight over who is going to wear it! lol! Our friend Poppy Lissiman from Australia makes these amazing vegan clutches and accessories. This is her latest LOVE clutch. All of her pieces have such good energy in them and her cosmic bandanna has stars and moons all over it. I just got into body chains and have been wearing them like second skin under plaid shirts, dresses and lingerie. This Bonheur body chain is so sexy and I love it! The new iPhone watch just came out with the new black chrome color! My sister Cailli got the new rose gold color. It has faster app features and I've been using it regularly for tracking my work outs and taking my heart rate. It also reminds me when to stand hourly. I'm so obsessed with it especially the Mickey Mouse face on it and its so much fun to talk on the phone using it. I feel like an undercover spy! lol!

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Cailli- Thrasher + Surf

 photo Cailli Beckerman-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-Haruno Shibuya Jacket- Gelareh Mizrahi My little Pony bag-3_zps5i1ckgge.jpg  photo Cailli Beckerman-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-Haruno Shibuya Jacket- Gelareh Mizrahi My little Pony bag-5_zpshfujnzu3.jpg  photo Cailli Beckerman-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-Haruno Shibuya Jacket- Gelareh Mizrahi My little Pony bag-2a_zpsqscj2fbh.jpg  photo Cailli Beckerman-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-Haruno Shibuya Jacket- Gelareh Mizrahi My little Pony bag-1_zps8i4yxjbf.jpg  photo Cailli Beckerman-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-Haruno Shibuya Jacket- Gelareh Mizrahi My little Pony bag-4_zps4d66vr5a.jpg  photo Cailli Beckerman-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-Haruno Shibuya Jacket- Gelareh Mizrahi My little Pony bag-6a_zps8tumlrln.jpg  photo Cailli Beckerman-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-Haruno Shibuya Jacket- Gelareh Mizrahi My little Pony bag-7a_zps7sr8jhsu.jpg
Jacket- Haruno Shibuya Custom Jacket
Hat and Jeans- H&M
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
Bag- Gelareh Mizrahi My Little Pony Pinkie Pie bag

The Look- Thrasher + Surf

Fun Fact: Our friend Haruno made this jacket for me and I'm completely obsessed with the pink faux fur and surf and skate patches all over it. Even the back of the jacket it totally amazing. He also is the most talented designers in Japan creating the coolest stuff. Make sure to check him out on instgram @HarunoShibuya  This bag is made by Gelareh Mizrahi who is also a great friend who did a collaboration with My Little Pony. She created these adorable bags that have the faces of Dash and Pinkie Pie... Obsessed! Pin It Now!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

HMBALMAINATION launches Nov.5th!

We have been getting asked a lot... what did we buy at the #HMBALMAINATION launch at the New York party we attended last week? So, this is what we got and what we were lusting over, after seeing the collection. Definitely try to get your hands on a beaded/pearl piece. After seeing Kylie Jenner at the party wearing this Eagle beaded dress....we knew that was one piece we needed in our closet. It fits amazing and detail, velvet and bead work is so Couture. The second dress is this black gathered wrap dress. The shoulder and fit is epic. We also needed this dress because its the perfect New Year's dress. The amazing thing about this collection is that all the pieces are perfect for Holiday parties and events. During the HM x Balmain Runway show, the Backstreet Boys came out (decked in the collection) singing their hits and made all of us go crazy!  Of course we need waaay more pieces, and will be headed back out on Nov. 5th, to get the suede thigh high boots, the pearl blouse, black blazer dress with gold buttons, belts and sooo much more!
   photo sambeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-1_zpsmbxudztg.jpg photo sambeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-6_zpsaagxe2ha.jpg  photo sambeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-5_zpsamsinuuz.jpg  photo sambeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain_zpssryxfxvf.jpg  photo sambeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-4_zpslvye7plu.jpg  photo sambeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-3_zpspfs2oqtl.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-1_zpsbi9srqvw.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-4_zpsl0xqvuqk.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-3_zpsdk0kbohb.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-5_zpsibjddw7r.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-hmbalmain-hmbalmaination-HM-BeckermanBlog-Toronto-designerCollaboration-Balmain-2_zpsfuho7s0k.jpg Pin It Now!

Friday, October 23, 2015

PANDORA brunch at World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto!

We had the most delicious brunch with PANDORA, the exclusive jewelry sponsor of World Master Card Fashion Week in Toronto. The table was gorgeous and decorated with flowers and PANDORA jewelry on silver trays that looked...good enough to eat! We snacked on macarons before our meals even came out and ate like Queens at Colette. We are sporting pieces from their new gorgeous Autumn Collection. Our three favorite necklaces are the .925 sterling silver Angel Wings, Majestic Feather and the Hearts of PANDORA. The matching charms are amazing too! We love how the brand inspires us to self-create and express our personal style through our jewelry! They now have the Love and Guidance feather charm. OBSESSED! It was a spectacular brunch and we are so excited to showcase our #PANDORAstyle.  photo macaroons-sisters-beckermans-pandora_zpsv4eff3hg.jpg  photo pandorajewelry-toronto-beckermangirls-beckermanblog-canada_zpsoqjy9ihm.jpg  photo pandora-NA-Brunch-colette-torontofashionweek_zps7xkaiqrn.jpg  photo pandora-beckerman-wmcfw-brunch_zps2zeafc2x.jpg  photo pandorastyle-beckermangirls-sisters-worldmastercardfashionweek_zpsc53nflk7.jpg  photo brunch-colettegrandecafe-toronto-wmcfw_zpslljn0zdc.jpg  photo FullSizeRender 6_zpsei67jx2u.jpg  photo IMG_4120_zpsvrjuar1r.jpg  photo autumncollection-beckerman-sisters-beckermangirls-colettegrandcafe-toronto-brunch-torontofashionweek-wmcfw-_zpsdxmwofvf.jpg  photo beckermangirls-sambeckerman-caillibeckerman_zpsqciis9nv.jpg  photo pandorastyle-beckermans-sisters-blog_zpsthepkkwf.jpg Pin It Now!